With a catalogue of more than 5000 products, Circo Packaging Inc located in St. Laurent is able to offer to its customers a vast variety
of products in material handling, sanitary supplies and warehouse supplies.
Founded in 1987 by Mr. Ciro Sasso, an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in the field of packaging, CIRCO was born.

Initially located on Montpellier street in St-Laurent, Mr. Sasso found himself running out of space with its narrow 900 square feet of warehouse space, he then moved on to 46th Avenue in Lachine the next year.
Five years later, despite a warehouse of 7200 square feet at 46th Avenue, Circo's growth required Mr Sasso to double the space of the warehouse.

In 1994 he then moved Circo to Onesime Gagnon in Lachine, with a 13500 square foot warehouse, he was able to satisify his customers needs with rapid deliveries and excellent customer service.

As of July 2002, Mr. Sasso once again moved to a larger location, with a warehouse of 15800 square feet, he continues to achieve his outstanding record of customer service, rapid delivery and excellent pricing.